Promotion of Ground-breaking Engineering and Solutions

Nothing Impossible

Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Why Singapore ?

Advantage - tapped Singapore's business-ready workforce to establish innovation centres here and drive their efforts to break into new markets. It is a neutral platform to attract any technologies in the world.

In order to promote an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for R&D and innovation, the industry and academia are working together on a common platform to find solutions for the growing society need and challenges. Towards achieving these goals the R&D in Electronics Group will initiated various research programmes in different areas of technology associated with electronics for the overall growth of this sector in the country.

These programmes are formulated and listed below for R&D in Electronics Group:

Electronics Systems Development & Application Division

R&D in Medical Electronics and Health Informatics Division

Electronic Materials & Components Development Division

Microelectronics Development Division

Nano- Technology Initiative Division

Innovation & IPR and Centre of Excellence (CoE) Projects

Areas of focus

  • Design consultancy and development of products/processes/services leveraging on embedded technology, wireless 
  • communications, imaging technology, clean energy & green technologies, computational intelligence & analytics, infocom technologies etc

  • Technology & knowledge transfer and IP creation & translation to marketplace

  • Test & Measurement services (product/system characterization & performance measurements, pre-compliance & verification, test engineering etc)

  • Test-bedding, user-trials and test marketing of new solutions

  • Business & market research and intelligence