Progression Engineering (S) Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 2017. 

The company provides the functioning of the Foreign Promotion Centre (FPC) of Innovative high-tech companies and represents investment projects in Singapore.

The office of the company and the FPC is located in one of the largest industrial innovation technology parks in Singapore – Techplace II as part of the regional innovation infrastructure (operated by CapitaLand).

A permanent exhibition of Innovative technologies, goods and services in the format of “Show-room” and “Digital Experience Centre” has been launched on the basis of the FPC.

The opening of the R&D Engineering Centre in FPCS is a key milestone of the development strategy of Progression in Southeast Asia to support the transition and develop practical solutions to meet industrial challenges in the region and will help businesses to maintain their technological excellence. It will play a critical role to drive their business and innovation activities in Asia.

Our Mission

To put people at the centre of the enterprise software

Our Vision

To grow and inspire people around the globe through the power of digital transformation, stretching limits with our passion & state of the art technologies


  • 2017


    Incorporated “Progression” as Marketing Office

  • 2018


    Progression Engineering (S) Pte Ltd established as Entity to increase businesses in Southeast Asia Region

  • 2019


    Creating permanent exhibition of Innovative technologies, goods and services in the format of “Show-room” to develop the network of business partnerships in Southeast Asia Region

  • 2020


    Launched “Digital Experience Centre” on the basis of the Foreign Promotion Centre (FPCS) will continue to contribute to expand business cooperation between Southeast Asia and Worldwide in the Region. It provides customers with an important first touchpoint with a business and enabling companies to work in a more agile way.

  • 2021


    Introduce Virtual Regional R&D Engineering Centre in Foreign Promotion Centre Singapore (FPCS) to collaborate with businesses to connect them with expertise and support the industrial challenges from the region. We bring together leading-edge research and practical support for businesses to adopt digital technologies across their organisations in the design, manufacturing and distribution of products and services.