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Blood Pressure Corrector (ABP-051)


Innovative Healthcare Technology

Blood Pressure Corrector (ABP-051)


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  • What is ABP-051?
    АВР-051 — a medical physiotherapy device for normalization of blood pressure. АВР-051 may be used by people with both increased and decreased pressure.
  • Can device “АВР-051” measure pressure?
    No, it does not measure. Pressure should be measured with a common tonometer. АВР-051 normalizes pressure

  • How does device “АВР-051” normalize pressure?
    The device acts via electrostimulation. There are two electrodes on the device which are fixed on the wrist and have low frequently current exposure. Responding to the exposure, the vasomotor center located in the medulla changes the smooth muscle tone in the small arteries. If to decrease the tone, then blood pressure becomes lower, if to increase — pressure becomes higher.

  • Does device “АВР-051” affect heart?
    АВР-051 does not affect heart. Heart as a pump creates pressure in vessels, and it is regulated by arteries. For that, vascular arteries have smooth muscles which mainly manage pressure. The change in smooth pressure tone helps people with hypertension to reduce and maintain normal pressure, and people with hypotension to increase the pressure.

  • Is device “АВР-051” certified?
    ABP-051 – EC Certificate


Legal Disclaimer
The electrostimulator should be used strictly for the purpose intended. This medical device is approved by the notified body IMQ S.p.A. for the CE marking according to the Directive 93/42/EEC as 0051 amended the Directive 2007/47/EC concerning medical devices.

  • Product Specifications
  • Customer Reviews
Product Weight: Estimate 100g
Power Supply to Device: AAA Type: 2 pcs (supply without batteries)
IP Rating: IP41
Electrostimulator <ABP-051> with internal electrodes and cuff 1 pc
Operation Manual 1 pc
Informative Guide 1 pc
Inner Package 1 pc
Box 1 pc

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Blood Pressure Corrector (ABP-051)

  1. Pavlov

    Occupational deceases prevention
    • burnout syndrome
    • chronic fatiguesyndrome
    • psychophysical disadaptation
    • neurotic disadaptation

    It has been proven fact that the use of segmental electropulse therapy in the correction of the functional state in patients with disadaptation is more effective than outpatient treatment in 3 times and more effective than drug-treatment in 4-5 times.

    First Saint Petersburg
    State Medical University

  2. Almazov

    This is good for effective therapy @arterial-hypertension
    I-II-III degrees

    In response to the course application of the ABP-051 electrostimulator patients with
    hypertensive disease expirience a decrease in blood pressure and / or an improvement in its circadian profile in more than half of the cases.
    The ABP-051 electrical stimulator does not cause significant fluctuations in blood pressure during its initial use and is generally well tolerated during course use.


  3. Sverdlovsk

    Effective therapy
    1. Low blood pressure and arterial hypotension
    2. Neurocirculatory dystonia

    As a result of the clinical study of the transcutaneous electrostimulator foraerterial blood pressure correction ABP-051 in the group of patients who had “mild” arterial hypertension, persistent reduction and normalization of blood pressure have been obtained in 84.3% of patients.

    Regional Clinical
    Hospital №1, Ekaterinburg

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