Digital Experience Centre

Exhibitor Content Visualization

The “Digital Experience Centre” has also created business spaces for work, negotiations and presentations, as well as 6 specialized zones for exhibitor content visualization.


Zone 1 “History Tunnel”

Installation consists of screens and touchscreens, where exhibitor data is represented as text, raster images and video files. Visitors can navigate through the content using touchscreens. Up to three users can interact with the installation simultaneously.

Zone 2 “Virtual Reality”

The VR zone includes a stand with virtual reality headset, motion controllers and a video wall. The visitor is able to dive deep into the virtual environment and access interactive data. The installation is available to 4 visitors simultaneously, all content is replicated on the 2D video screen.

Zone 3 “Big Data”

Installation consists of a video wall and hemispherical interactive screen; both display the content – in real time motion graphics design.  The dome shaped screen displays the Earth imagery, highlighting the geographical location of the exhibitor. For more information on the selected exhibitor, visitors are able to interact with the dome shaped touch screen. The floor around the hemispherical screen is also in stylized graphic design.

Zone 4 “Kinetic Stand”

The installation consists of showcases displaying models of the exhibitor’s products. Showcases are made in the form of transparent prisms, on which product models are placed. More information about layouts is displayed on the touch screen. Additionally, it is possible to integrate the iPad into an augmented reality (AR) system with the showcase. After selecting a showcase, the user can take the iPad, point the camera at the layout and view it in all details, planes and views. AR content will highlight all the merits of the technology.

Zone 5 “Static Stand”

Installation consists of static display cases in the form of transparent prisms, containing the physical samples of exhibitor’s products. The touch screen user interface enables the visitor to view more information about the manufacturer and the sample. As an additional option, the showcase can be integrated with the iPad, as an AR (augmented reality) display system. After selecting a showcase, the iPad user is able to point the camera at the sample and view it in all AR content details, planes and views, providing technological insights.

Zone 6 “3D Technology”

The installation includes existing 3D printer models, a model design workstation and a video display panel. Any visitor is able to design and print a physical model or a prototype.