Engineering Centre

"R & D - Centre Of Excellence"

Why Singapore?

Advantage – tap Singapore’s business-ready workforce to establish innovation centres here and drive their efforts to break into new markets. It is a neutral platform to attract any technologies in the world.

In order to promote an inclusive, vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for R&D and innovation, the industry and academia are working together on a common platform to find solutions for the growing society needs and challenges. Towards achieving these goals, the R&D Group will initiate various research programmes in different areas of technology for the overall growth of this sector in the country.

Areas Of Focus:

  • Design consultancy and development of products/processes/services leveraging on embedded technology, wireless communications, imaging technology, clean energy & green technologies, computational intelligence & analytics, infocomm technologies etc
  • Technology & knowledge transfer and IP creation & translation to marketplace
  • Test & Measurement services (product/system characterization & performance measurements, pre-compliance & verification, test engineering etc)
  • Test-bedding, user-trials and test marketing of new solutions
  • Business & market research and intelligence

Innovations & Development Supports

  • Product & Solutions Innovation
  • IP Translation
  • Technology & Knowledge Transfer
  • Sector-based Technology Roadmapping

Eco-system development

  • Eco-system Building
  • Partnership Network for Knowledge Exchange & Co-innovation
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) Open Innovation Community

Emerging Technology Key Platform

  • Key Platform for Adoption & Adaptation
  • Demonstrators & Use Cases
  • Technology & Knowledge Transfer
  • Technical Leadership & Sharing

Service & Support Facilities

  • Advanced Prototyping & Development Facilities
  • Specialist & Joint-technology Centres